Review of: Mullins Concrete Finishing LLC

Review rating : 3 out of 5 stars

Located in Lynchburg, Va

Hi everyone!

We sure have been busy over here making our little home cozy! Our latest project was adding a concrete driveway and stamped sidewalk. We decided not to use Stone pavers as I was fearful that grass would eventually grow up through the cracks. We obtained several estimates and decided to go with Mullins concrete finishing LLC.

It was a bit of a lengthy process. We were initially told our job would be completed mid August, however we received a lot of rain. Projects ahead of ours got pushed back and so we had to play the waiting game. The project itself only took two full days, and the end result was much better than before (all we has was a few sparse graven and grass). Now we need to add landscaping around the sidewalk and driveway to give it some curb appeal, but overall, I think it looks good.

I have to give the company a 3 star review. I felt the job was average, but a bit pricy for the end result. My only complaint is that is was sooo hard to get in contact with the business rep. In fact, we had texted AND called several times in early September and heard of no response back. We were never told of the set backs so we were in the dark regarding when and if the project was still a go.

We were about to call another company when I decided to text and call one last time. We finally did get a response that the project was still on but was pushed back several weeks. It would have been nice to know this way before mid-September, however. Communication is key in any business!

After the job was completed there was a huge hill cut out right beside the driveway. They did not allow for any type of water drainage system so the day after the left we were in for a shock! Rain filled up the entire trench and flowed over our freshly poured concrete. It was a nightmare. We were out there in the rain slipping and sliding in the mud trying to dig out a proper run-off for all this water. We called Mullins and explained the situation. He said he would be out to look at on a specific date-I believe a couple of days later. Anyway, he never showed up. We called again. He told us he was sorry, something came up but would be out next week as he had a job near-by… Do you see where I’m going with this yet? He never showed up, again! So we are currently in the process of finding someone to finish this job. I can’t say I would recommend this business because I did go through a lot of headache. I was also extremely surprised because of the great reviews I saw. I guess it’s hit or miss. I am still glad we have something to walk on other than grass. Pictures below!

In progress
Stamped sidewalk leading to driveway
The trench 😦