Candy Cane Wreath

What you will need:

  • 20 regular size candy canes unwrapped (any colors you like!)
  • scissors
  • Matching waxed twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray sealant
  • Decorative ribbon
  1. Start with the larger candy canes and face them toward each other (making a heart shape). Glue the bottom where the candy canes meet, and also the top where they meet. You will continue to make these heart shapes the entire process.
  2.  Next, you will lay the “hearts” next to each other. Hot glue the long sides of the candy canes where they meet. Follow this pattern all the way around. Let dry.
  3. After your glue had dried, use your twine to tie the connected candy canes together, making sure the knots are on the “ugly” side of the wreath (the side that shows all the hot glue).
  4. Use your decorative ribbon to hang your wreath!

Note: This makes a basic wreath. Use your own creativity to embellish it however you like! You can do so much with these by adding pom-pom pieces, glitter, snow flakes, and more! You can even make small wreaths using the mini candy canes. these make great gift for co-workers. Happy crafting!

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